Painting the house

Painting the House

So I’m trying out a new static blog generator. It’s called Hexo.

I know. Don’t judge me, imaginary reader that judges me.

So I suppose now comes the time where I try to explain myself. Here come the rationalizations and long winded arguments as to why this is not crazy.

Here goes.

People paint their houses.

Yep that’s it. And it’s true. We all know the type. It could be a friend or a relative. They happen to be very proud of their house. It’s an expression of who they are, and they are eager to show you what they’ve done with the place.

One time you happen to drop by, they will rage about how they remodeled the kitchen. With enthusiasm they will ask what you think about their choice of wood for the cabinetry.

You, being the gracious friend that you are, will exclaim:

Friend, I think your choice is a marvelous choice! The best choice; really the ONLY choice considering that it compliments both your superb taste and the beautiful theme you have going on here.

Next time you pay them a visit, they will take you to a new addition of the house: a ‘rec’ room, where they explain, in detail, their selection process when painting the room.

They will go over the different types of paint, how some are toxic, so they decided to forgo those, for the sake of the baby. They will point out that their choice is the most environmentally friendly, and that it was blended by local artisans in under-privileged communities, and that they made sure to pay them a little extra than market prices.

This will, of course, be after explaining the whole debacle with the Home Depot paint department. They will mention how they just didn’t get the same attention from the ‘Big Box’ store as from their chosen vendor.

Mention of the possibility of painting the living room will surface, eventually. How one spouse prefers one color and the other prefers another. Without mentioning who prefers what, they will casually lay it on you:

So which do you prefer?

This site redesign is kind of like that. I don’t have a house to brag about, my means of self expression on the internet lies mostly here.