Progress Over Perfection

So I’m a freelance web developer. And I’ve been looking for a job lately with the hopes of growing as a developer.

I figured, “Now might be a good time to redesign my personal website.”

I’m a little light on client work right now, in the hopes of landing that perfect job. So off I go, find myself a nice little coffee shop, order a drink recommended by a friend, and start right away.

I already had the concept in my mind. I wanted something that could not be copied, something that is completely unique. Something that says, “Look, I can design things! And I can code things!” Let’s use my face, sure. The idea was to create an SVG of my face using the polygon elements, and each polygon could show some text or link somewhere.

Pretty simple.

At this point I was really glad I had read the book “Practical SVG” by Chris Coyier. I highly recommend it. So this project was the perfect opportunity to put some of those ideas into practice.

With a couple of hours in and and an empty “Matador Espresso” cup, I decided to follow the sage wisdom “Progress Over Perfection”. Sure I still hadn’t styled the blog or portfolio. Sure I still needed to make sure the UX on touch screens was compatible.

Those are all very perfectly valid reasons for me to keep the project in the ‘develop’ branch of the GitHub repo where my site’s code lives. But the obsession over perfection was not to stop me.

Now, I am very happy to be able to share this with the world, and I can still work on the rest of the site. Check back soon…